web design services daytona server or hosting what you need and why

The right web hosting for your site

In order to understand about hosting, you need to know about the basic parts of a website. This includes your actual website files. The domain, that is the address users go to in order to reach your website. If you do not have a domain, you will have to purchase one. These days, it is common to use .org, .info, and .biz, along with the standard .com. Prices for your domain vary depending on the popularity of the keywords, extension, and originality of the domain. Once you have your website (actual files) and domain (address where users will find you) you need a host. A way to put your information on the internet.

So, What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service provided that allows your website to appear on the web. Your website is hosted, or saved to special computers called servers. While it is possible to make any computer a server, it is not always best. Due to the capacity of websites and security issues, most choose trusted hosting companies. These hosting companies are usually faster and safer than a home computer would be.

How does it work?

When users want to view your site, they type your web address or search keywords into a search engine. Users computers are connected to your website's server and the webpages are delivered to them through a browser-like Google, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Opera.


Do you need a database?

This can be to hold client information from subscriptions, sales, or login Systems

Will you host multiple websites

You may need to make sure your web host offers unlimited pages/unlimited sites

Do you have a website or web application

Some web application mays look like website, but they are build with react, node, .net. They perform things like booking, appointments, shopping carts. You need a special type of server to run these.


Is your bandwidth capped? Can you upload and download as much as you need to in order to support your website and its pages?


Do they offer secure sites? How strong is their firewall, private networking and SSH? What about back-up? If your website goes down, can it be recovered without data lose?

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