Online Digital Marketing - Making the most of emails ~how to get your business known.

Advantages of HTML Email Campaigns

With HTML Email Campaigns you can target the right customers and get the word out about your products/increase brand recognition. HTML emails are a great way to directly offer customers unique sales promotions in real time.

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Pros and Cons Of Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a fairly new form of marketing. While, being able to mass market at the click of a button has great advantages, there are a lot of traps when it comes to HTML Emails.

HTML Imagery on Email Campaigns

Too much imagegry on an email has proven to be less beneficial. The obvious first point is load time, if you are using large image files users may throw away the email before any imagery is seen. Also, the more imagery you have the more you have to worry about it being displayed properly. HTML email uses old html coding, with inline styling and no bootstrap functionality. This is for the most part considered outdated technology because it is harder to optimize for variously sized devices. In addition, studies are starting to show that looking too much like a website is just simply less appealing to users. Check out Niti Shah's article on Plain Text vs. HTML Emails: Which Is Better? [New Data] for HubSpots survey results on HTML vs Plain text preferences

HTML Mass Marketing

Many people preceive email as 1-1 interaction, while it is actaully mass marketing. With various databass/sql injections implemented into html email templates, marketers can interject personal information for all of their emails (That's a benefit of part of custom contact froms especially when used for subscription based systems --see Custom forms in web Design for more details).

Making the most of your email campaign

There is a lot of research being put into the right way to launch an email campaign, but generally the standard is:

For more details check out Kevin Gao's artile What is HTML Email? Is It Better Than Plain Text Email? or call (386) 588-9698 to talk to a live person about Ask Design's email campaigns and how they can benefit you