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Don't Get Hacked ~SSL is another important things you can do for your website and your clients

Is your data protected? Is your clients data protected?

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SSL certified websites are encrypted to ensure that any data passed through the website is not interrupted.

Secure Socket Layers are secure encryption that can be trusted.
When establishing an SSL handshake there are three keys that set up the connection, the public, private, and session key.
When connecting to a SSl (https) site, browsers request identification from the site itself.
The server sends the ssl certification which includes the servers public keys.
Browsers then check the certification, if the browser verifies the certification it will create and send session keys using the server's public key.
The server decrypts the key and starts an encrypted session . This all happens before your connect to the site. By the time the page is loaded, all information passed on https (ssl) sites is encrypted and trusted to send data to the party without third party breaches.

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