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Custom Galleries in Web Design

Galleries are not just a collection of photographs. Having the right gallery for your business on your website allows potential clients to view the products and services you offer while highlighting your products and the ways they can benefit your clients. Showcasing a killer gallery is one of the bestways to increaser brand and product recognition.

Custom Videos in Web Design

Videos are important. If you have a website, you should have a video on it. Videos help users get to know you, your products or services, and your company on a more personal level. Users like to match real faces and real people with products.

Digital Animation in Web Design

Digital Animation can greatly enhance the appeal of every website. Having animated videos on your website draws the users attention by making use of movement and sound. In this way, a company can better highlight their products and showcase their work.

Custom Forms in Web Design

Custom Forms may be important to your business. This is a way of gathering the appropriateinformation from potential clients in order to find the best ways your company can help them. Some companies need to gather location and background demographics of their clients. Other companies just need to find the details of the services these potential clients are looking for. The right form with the right questions can make all the difference in conversion because asking the right questions can build trust and rapport, while the wrong questions can drive people away.

Is your current website mobile friendly?

These days, most of us look up company and information on our phones. Let's face it, some seem to just work and some don't. It can be frustrating to users to have to swipe swipe swipe to the left or right to get to the information on the rest of the page. Other times, photos just look weird and unappealing. With a few simple techniques, all websites should be capable of being viewed on mobile, laptop, or PC. If yours isn't, it is really time to make a change.

Typography and color science is one of my favorite parts of web design

Did you notice the colors of my website? Do you know what the colors represent? How much of each color is used? Following basic color sciences like the rule of three and color theory can help your website appeal to your clients. Typography was once about make the letters look pretty, but really the sciene of typography focuses on the readability of the words --How well can readers read your website? Your font, font size, and font color are primarily responsible for the readability of your site.

Does your current web design par?

If you are missing these things, it is time to make a change

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